what we do

  • 360° video 

    VR is our entire focus. Our cameras capture 2D (monoscopic, for online 360° videos) and 3D (stereoscopic, for virtual reality headset videos) footage. We only use the highest quality equipment capable of up to 6K export quality. VR isn't just about static footage, so we have fully stabilised remote control moving platforms too. Our team comprises the most experienced VR directors and cinematographers on the continent.

  • 360° drone filming

    We own several drones allowing us to capture full 360° video from the skies. Our top-of-the-line drone is a DJI Matrice 600 with a Ronin-MX gimbal for the ultimate in stabilisation.

  • 360° underwater

    Action happening under water? We've developed an underwater 360° video rig, which captures fully spherical video without distortion thanks to careful light refraction calculation in the dome design.

  • spatial audio

    We capture and master both stereo and spatial audio. Spatial audio is super-realistic when coupled with a VR headset, allowing you to hear sound depth in a 360° environment. The perceived source of sound changes depending on where your head is turned. Our spatial microphones are extremely high-quality and were custom-built in Canada. We also offer in-house voice-over recording in a professional sound booth.

  • vfx & animation

    We do titling, logos and CGI animation to augment live action VR environments. From beans growing to immersing a viewer inside a glass as a drink pours on top of them, we've done it, and it's all possible in virtual reality. 

  • colour grading

    Not just tweaks & balances - we use feature film level grading suites with professional colour grading desks to bring out the richest possible moods and footage.

  • concept & script

    The Deep VR team has the most experienced VR directors and cinematographers on the continent. We know what kind of immersive stories work and don't. We can help fully develop your concept, shot-lists, treatments and scripts, as well as work with your agency to do so. 

  • VR headset sales

    We are official resellers of Samsung Gear VR headsets. We have sold more than 150 of these high-end VR kits, making us the biggest reseller of VR kits in Africa. 

Deep VR Oculus


For 100 years, we've become accustomed to watching content
on a fixed frame, which has served us well. But we've always
been removed from the story because we've only ever been
able to tell a story from a 3rd person point-of-view.

Virtual reality, for the first time in history, allows us to immerse
people inside the story and experience it as if physically present.  

VR has the power to completely shift how we use content
to engage with, educate and entertain fans, clients, employees
and buyers. 

"Made from Africa"

A worldwide VR campaign by Distell's famous liqueur brand, Amarula. This VR experience was used in duty free airports around the globe to teleport people to famous African settings to explore how Amarula is "made from Africa". 

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